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MATPOWER files in this directory:

 add_constraintsADD_CONSTRAINTS Adds a set of constraints to the model.
 add_costsADD_COSTS Adds a set of user costs to the model.
 add_varsADD_VARS Adds a set of variables to the model.
 build_cost_paramsBUILD_COST_PARAMS Builds and saves the full generalized cost parameters.
 compute_costCOMPUTE_COST Computes a user-defined cost.
 describe_idxDESCRIBE_IDX Identifies variable, constraint and cost row indices.
 displayDISPLAY Displays the object.
 getGET Returns the value of a field.
 getNGETN Returns the number of variables, constraints or cost rows.
 get_cost_paramsGET_COST_PARAMS Returns the cost parameter struct for user-defined costs.
 get_idxGET_IDX Returns the idx struct for vars, lin/nln constraints, costs.
 getvGETV Returns initial value, lower bound and upper bound for opt variables.
 linear_constraintsLINEAR_CONSTRAINTS Builds and returns the full set of linear constraints.
 opt_modelOPT_MODEL Constructor for optimization model class.
 userdataUSERDATA Used to save or retrieve values of user data.

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