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MATPOWER files in this directory:

 addgen2mpcADDGEN2MPC Adds a set of generators to a MATPOWER case struct.
 addstorageADDWIND Adds storage units and corresponding xGen/StorageData to existing data.
 addwindADDWIND Adds wind generators and corresponding xGenData to existing data.
 apply_profileAPPLY_PROFILE Applies changes defined in a profile to a data structure.
 filter_ramp_transitionsFILTER_RAMP_TRANSITIONS Creates a transition mask for ramp reserves.
 getprofilesGETPROFILES Loads profiles, optionally updating 'rows' via an index mapping.
 idx_profileIDX_PROFILE Defines constants used by Profiles.
 loadgenericdataLOADGENERICDATA Loads data of a specified type from file or data structure.
 loadmdLOADMD Loads all required data and constructs MD for MOST.
 loadstoragedataLOADSTORAGEDATA Load StorageData table into StorageData struct.
 loadxgendataLOADXGENDATA Load xGenData table into xGenData struct.
 md_initMD_INIT MOST Data structure Initialization
 mostMOST MATPOWER Optimal Scheduling Tool
 most_summaryMOST_SUMMARY Collects and optionally prints a summary of MOST results.
 mostverMOSTVER Prints or returns MOST version info for current installation.
 mpoption_info_mostMPOPTION_INFO_MOST Returns MATPOWER option info for MOST.
 plot_genPLOT_GEN Plot generator results
 plot_storagePLOT_STORAGE Plot storage unit results
 plot_ucPLOT_UC Plot generator commitment summary
 plot_uc_dataPLOT_UC_DATA Plot generator commitment summary

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