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Index for matpower6.0/extras/reduction

MATPOWER files in this directory:

 BuildYMatSubroutine BuildYMat construct the addmittance matrix and store it in a
 DefBoundarySubroutine DefBoundary indentify the boundary buses in the given model
 DoReductionSubroutine DoReduction create the reduced network based on input network
 GenerateBCIRCSubroutine GenerateBCIRC is used to detect parallel lines and generate the circuit number of every
 InitiationSubroutine Initiation read in the input full model data and convert the
 LoadRedistributionSubroutine LoadRedistribution moves loads in reduced model in order to
 MPReductionFunction MPReduction does modified Ward reduction to the full system
 MakeMPCrSubroutine MakeMPCr generates the reduced model in MATPOWER case
 MapBusSubroutine MapBus convert bus indices from oldbusnum to newbusnum. The
 MoveExGenSubroutine MoveExGen moves generators on external buses to internal buses
 PivotDataSubroutine PivotData do pivotting to the input addmittance matrix. Two
 PreProcessDataSubroutine PreProcess do following tasks to input model:
 TinneyOneSubroutine TinneyOne applied Tinney 1 optimal ordering to the input data

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